Our Minister: Rev. Richard Lowson


I look out from my kitchen window and all I see is a frozen raised bed with hard frozen soil. Into the soil I planted tulip bulbs back in December. Following the instructions on the packet (and if the squirrels keep away) I should in a few weeks see signs of life.
There is always something good at this time of year about seeing a glimpse of new growth, buds or those first hints of Spring.
This year I hope to have a good show of tulips. Another thing I am trying to do this year is some of the things I keep putting off. One thing I have always wanted to do is go to Holland and see the Tulip fields and I am doing something about it, I have booked my Eurostar train to Amsterdam in search of tulips.
I did O Level biology and know a bit about the science behind the tulip bulb but I am still amazed when I see the tulip in its glory – all that from an apparently dead lifeless bulb.
With the tulip it is more than just a plant, it’s about the story – it is history: the propagation and new varieties that are being created, the colour and variety, how it has featured in Art throughout history. The tulip has it all!
In short, each bulb is a miracle and I just can’t wait for Spring. I know science can explain but for me I am directed to the Lord of creation.

I finish by borrowing words from Mark and Helen Johnson:

                                      Tell me who made all of creation,
                                      who designed the wonders of nature?
                                      Whose idea was pattern and colour,
                                      wonderful to see?
                                      Everywhere around me
                                      I can see the hand of God,
                                     the evidence surrounds me,
                                     in the greatness of his world.
                                                                                       Singing the Faith 118

Watch this space!