Our Minister: Rev. Richard Lowson


All Saints...

We don't often sing the song “ O when the Saints, go marching in..” that is unless you are a Southampton fan.

But November 1st is All Saints day, not something we really observe in the Methodist Church. If we were Mexico we would be celebrating this day with processions , parties, fancy dress costumes and food and drink. In Spain not only do you visit the graves of loved ones you bestow them with special traditional pastries.In Poland thousands of candles are lit in homes and also on the graves of loved ones whereas in India Catholic's there say it with flowers.

Italians will sometimes take a picnic to the graveyard and have a meal side by side with loved ones no longer with us. Party or pastries, flowers or candles, we all have our own ways of remembering loved ones no longer with us. And often the remembering goes beyond one day in November. I suppose with All Saints it is about the communal remembering, the coming together and shared experience.  November is a month where we are drawn together to remember, as we pin thoughts and prayers around the 11th November. But let us also take a moment to pause and give thanks for stories and lives of people we have cherished and remember.

Living and dying we are part of each other, touched by eternity circled in love.