Our Minister: Rev. Richard Lowson



Easter Joy

After walking nearly 255 Km to Santiago nothing had prepared me for the Mount of Joy. The Mount of Joy is so called because it is the first point where, before all the sprawling city development, the pilgrim could see the distant cathedral spires.

I’m not very good at public shows of emotion but I could not help being moved by the Mount of Joy moment. And looking back I try to rationalise it. Was it Joy at completing this stage of the journey? Was it the sense of achievement at doing something even I doubted I could do? Was it the anticipation of the city and cathedral? Was it something much deeper? It’s a place and time hopefully I never will forget.

On Easter Day our long walk is behind us. We have reached our Joy, an empty tomb and a rolled away stone. Joy awaits where suffering, pain and gloom has been. It sounds crazy but I do love Holy Week and Good Friday is so important for my faith journey. It is only by walking that way we can fully enter the Joy of Easter Day.

If you are able to worship with us on Easter Day can you bring a flower/flowers bought or from your garden to add to the Lent cross. We will have stripped the symbols of the passion from the cross and will be transforming it to express the Joy of that glorious morning as the world wakes up to the news “He is Risen!”

Happy Easter